Underwater Treadmill Therapy

What is an underwater treadmill?

A waterproofed treadmill inside a tank that can be filled with water is called an underwater treadmill. Your pet enters the container and, once the door is closed, warm water gradually fills the tank to the desired depth. Your pet then walks on the moving treadmill, aided by the buoyancy of the water. Our trained rehabilitation technician supervises patients.

What is underwater treadmill therapy?

Underwater treadmill therapy may include walking or trotting on a treadmill in a tank filled with water. For animals that are severely debilitated, or who have neurologic disabilities, a trained rehab technician may help them to move in a particular way. The buoyancy and the controlled temperature of the water helps a pet to increase the range of motion of their joints, increase their muscle mass and decrease their musculoskeletal pain.

When would my pet benefit from underwater treadmill therapy (UWT)?

Your pet would benefit from UWT therapy if they have arthritis, joint pain, decreased the joint range of motion, muscle weakness or if they have any neurologic dysfunction. Healthy performance animals will also benefit from hydrotherapy in an underwater treadmill to help with muscle strengthening and conditioning. Overweight patients benefit from UWT therapy as it offers a low impact activity and helps with weight loss.

How does underwater treadmill therapy (UWT) differ from swimming?

Treadmill therapy differs from swimming in that the patient is not submerged in the water on the treadmill. All four limbs are in contact with the moving treadmill base, and so they are still walking or trotting while being supported by the water.