Dog and Cat Diet Formulation

Creating consistent, nutritious meals for our pets will support them to live long, healthy lives. The levels of nutrients in food are important and balanced diet formulation will give you the confidence needed to feed marvellous meals to your loved ones. At Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives, we have the capacity to create recipes and to guide you through this process.

Can you determine if the home prepared raw or cooked diet I feed my dog is balanced?

At Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives, we use the Animal Diet Formulation software provided by Royal Animal Health University. This software permits us to input the ingredients you feed now or wish to feed and show you where there are deficiencies or excesses. This software can compare your diet with North American and European standards for balanced dog and cat food.

Our nutrition technician also works extensively with recipes generated by an animal nutritionist, Hilary Watson. There is an online software available to assist with these diets where usually are balanced with the Complete and Balanced® supplement.