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Home Preparing, Raw Food Feeding and Optimum Weight: A Full Circle Vet Perspective

Many people think that their cat or dog will never be overweight if eating a home prepared cooked or raw food diet. It is often true that switching from a kibble which is very calorie dense, to a home prepared diet  often leads to initial weight loss due to lower calories per unit of food; however, at Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives, we have many clients who home prepare or use prepared raw food diets and some of these pets are heavier than optimum.   The basic reasons for obesity are the same no matter what you feed: there is an imbalance between the caloric intake, the bioavailability of the calories, exercise levels and the individual animal’s metabolism.

There are three basics ways to lose weight :

  1. Eat less (remember… all treats add to the daily caloric intake!)
  2. Exercise more
  3. Do both 1 and 2.

Annie would be a 4.5 out of 5 on the BCS scaleYou can do a simple calculation to determine the approximate caloric intake needed by  your pet for weight loss. Calculate the resting energy requirement (RER) for your target weight:

70 + (30X kg BW) = kcal (Calories)

and then multiply this by the appropriate factor for your pet’s activity level.  (This formula is not for puppies or kittens)


obese prone cat: 1

for feline weight loss: 0.8


obese prone adult dog: 1.4

weight loss: 1

Using diets formulated specifically for weight loss is recommended especially if your pet has enough excess weight that restriction will be needed for more than a month.  Weight loss diets are not just reduced in energy density; they are also formulated to reduce the risk of nutrient deficiency when the amount fed is restricted (you only want to restrict calories, not essential nutrients!).

We invite all our clients from Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Wolfville, the South Shore and elsewhere to visit us if you need advice on how to effectively manage weight loss in your pet.


Chicken and Potato Diet for Adult Dog Weight Loss  (816 kcal)

Chicken, roasted without skin                               6 oz (

Potatoes, diced, cooked                                           3 cups

Canola oil                                                                     1 tablespoon

Salt subsititue (potassium chloride)                   ½ teaspoon

Bone meal powder                                                   2 teaspoons

Salt (iodized)                                                             ¾ teaspoon

Multivitamin & mineral tablet (Children’s       1 tablet


Zinc, 100mg tablet                                                  ½ tablet

(Shrenck, P. Home-prepared Dog and Cat Diets)


Lamb and Lentils Diet for Adult Cat Weight Loss  (541 kcal)

Lamb (cooked)                                                          4 oz

Lentils (cooked)                                                        1 cup

Salt subsititue (potassium chloride)                  1/8 teaspoon

Bone meal powder                                                   1 teaspoons

Salt (iodized)                                                             ¼ teaspoon

Multivitamin & mineral tablet (Children’s       1 tablet


Vitamin K, 100mcg tablet                                       1 tablet

Taurine powder, (1000mg per ¼ tsp)                ¼ teaspoon

(Shrenck, P. Home-prepared Dog and Cat Diets)



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