Therapeutic Massage For Pets

When asked to write about therapeutic massage in pets, I don’t know where to start! Do I start with why it’s one of my favorite parts of my job? How it can help pets? What the process looks like? As my mother would always tell me, “Well, why don’t you start at the beginning?” How […]

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Mover Versus Stabilizer Muscles

When muscles such as the Triceps, or the Biceps or the Quadriceps muscle are mentioned, most clients know exactly which muscle is being described.  These are the large “mover” muscles that flex and extend the joints and help move our and our pets’ bodies.   When we think about strength training, these are often the muscles […]

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Food and Skin Disorders Part 3: Building a Diet for

  When food is the primary driving force behind your pet’s itchy skin, chronic recurring yeast and bacterial infections, then you and your veterinary team need to embark on an investigation to determine what your dog or cat can eat that will not stimulate an inflammatory response.  An elimination diet process is still the gold […]

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Food and Skin Disorders Part 2: The Importance of Diagnosis

Unfortunately we see many animals with skin disease who have been to a veterinarian and have not moved through the full dermatologic diagnostic process, or who have skipped the veterinarian altogether in favour of trying different food one after another as if this the key to all skin diseases. Sometimes, they have been to their […]

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Food and Skin Disorders Part 1: Feeding for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

What is the role of food in the common skin problems of our pets?  Can all itchy dogs have their problems solved with a hydrolyzed protein diet or switching to raw food? How should you and your veterinary team proceed? These are important questions and understanding the answers will lead to more realistic expectations of […]

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Last updated: November 24, 2020

Dear Clients,

With recent changes to restrictions on businesses, we can continue providing our full range of services, under certain restrictions. As our province enters the next phase of the reopening plan, we have some updates to share with you about our safety measures.

We are continuing to see all cases by appointment only including Canine Rehabilitation Services, Animal Chiropractic, TCVM Consultations, Bloodwork for Referral Services, Wellness Exams, Vaccines and more!



We are OPEN with the following hours:

- Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
- Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you and your furry family members again!

- Your dedicated team at Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives Inc.