Who We Are

Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives was established in downtown Dartmouth , Nova Scotia in 1999. Initially, the clinic delivered integrated health care examinations, provided referrals for conventional practices with patients interested in complementary or alternative approaches, and focused primarily on acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional consultations. Over the years, the practice grew to include medicines such as animal chiropractic and the Bowen® technique.

In 2006, we added another wing to house our laboratory, hospital facility (surgery, dentistry and radiography), rehabilitation space, and in-house treatment facility.

Our philosophy has always been to strive for the most comfortable environment and positive experience possible for our clients, their pets and our staff. To this end, we have always covered our exam table with comfortable fleece, worked on the floor with any larger dogs, and sometimes in the sink for cats who feel safer snuggled there! We provide no-slip foam play mats for dogs with difficulties standing on slippery floor surfaces. We keep plants in our reception area and in outdoor flower boxes in the summer. A mix of neutral, abstracted landscapes, original drawings and photos of some of our favourite furry friends also enhance our décor.

Our clients, while focused in the Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford area come from as far away as Los Angeles. They all have a deep commitment to the well-being of their non-human family members and an interest in moving beyond the limits of conventional medicine. If you would like to join our community please contact us.


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