Traditional Chinese Medicine terms for pets

At the end of your appointment with Dr. Bishop or Dr. Fisher, they discuss that Ralph or Lady has a pale tongue and is blood deficient.

Uhh… What?

Like every form of medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has terms and jargons that can be confusing. This brief glossary of terms will cover the basics to help you understand what the veterinarian is seeing when she looks at your pet.

The body contains 5 fundamental substances: Qi, Blood, Jing, Shen and Fluids.

Qi: Described as matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materialization. Everything has Qi; it is a source of movement, protects the body, provides warmth, and governs organs and substances.

Blood: Nourishes, maintains and moistens the body while in constant circulation. It can be found both in vessels as well as along the meridians in the body.

Jing: Most appropriately translated as essence. It is fluid-like, supportive and nutritive. Similar to DNA or genetics, it is the basis of reproduction and development.

Shen: This is your spirit or consciousness. Relating to our emotional well-being, thoughts and beliefs, it provides guidance to survival instincts, and allows the expression of love, compassion and caring.

Fluids: This covers substances like sweat, saliva, urine, etc. These fluids are responsible for moistening and providing some nourishment to their respective locations.


During the TCM exam, there is also much more focus placed on the tongue then most pet owners are accustomed. This is because in TCM, parts of the tongue represent different organs. The tongue is evaluated for colour, shape and any coating present. Who knew that the tongue could tell you so much!

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