Massage Therapy

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

In a rehabilitation setting, massage can be helpful for the following:

  • soothing and comforting a patient
  • calming the nervous system, improving muscle function by loosening restrictions
  • reducing the build-up of adhesions
  • softening and stretching connective tissues that may impinge the nerves
  • enhancing circulation
  • aiding in the elimination of biochemical toxins
  • create a mild inflammatory response that can jump-start healing

What conditions can massage help?

Massage can decrease musculoskeletal pain caused by tight muscles, help to loosen restrictions in connective tissue, improve range of motion in the limbs and improve a pet’s mobility. Certain massage techniques can also be used to stimulate the nervous system.

Will my dog or cat enjoy a massage?

Most pets will enjoy a therapeutic massage. It can be relaxing and soothing and can help alleviate pain. In some instances, the therapist will use deep tissue massage to alleviate trigger points or loosen restrictions. It can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, but most patients handle the treatment well and enjoy their massage sessions. Massage is also a technique that our rehabilitation technicians teach to pet parents to enhance treatment at home.

Are there any side effects of massage?

The most common side effect of massage is relaxation! However, depending on the technique used, there can sometimes be some mild discomfort for a day or two after treatment.