Hospitalization and Surgery


There are times, unfortunately, when our friends may be quite ill and need to be hospitalized to receive special treatments like intravenous fluids.  Our hospitalized patients receive conventional treatments and any appropriate herbals or holistic supplements needed to enhance recovery.

Patients with intensive rehabilitation needs can also be housed with us for periods of time.

We provide comfortable, warm bedding in our kennels and lots of TLC! Our technicians provide scheduled treatments, monitor progress and report to our veterinarians who determine treatment protocols and changes as needed. We utilize our laboratory support to further monitor response to treatment.

Intensive care patients who need overnight care are transferred to the Metro Area Animal Emergency clinic to receive overnight monitoring and treatment. Some patients can be managed as day patients, going home at night and returning during the day for treatment.



Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives provides surgical support for our patients through a referral process with our sister practice, PetWorks Animal Hospital at the same location, 850 Portland Street. As a result of this inter practice co-operation, we are thrilled to offer laproscopic ovary sparing spays performed by Dr. Rick Swinemar who also performs orthopedic surgery.

Routine spays, neuters, lump removals, dentistries etc. will be performed by teams led by Dr. Nadine Trudeau and Dr. Jane McLellan in state of the art surgical suites and dental care bays.

The Full Circle team will continue to perform pre surgical consultations and post-operative check ups in consultation with our colleagues.

I've been taking my cats to Full Circle for well over a decade, I have never been disappointed with the…

Bronwen Trim-macdonald

Great vet for rehab and sports dogs. Our dogs love Full Circle

Trevor Gallant

So nice to find a vet that genuinely cares about my dogs overall well being rather than over vaccinating or…

Stephanie Hayes

After a visit today for Blondie,a 13 year old malti/poddle,with Dr Fisher,I want to comment on this fine person and…

Barrie Macfarlane

Very knowledgeable and warm staff.

Lisa Wright


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Full Circle Year in Review

As we approach the first anniversary of Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives joining the Vet Strategy owned Pet Focus group, we reflect on this wonderful, challenging and rewarding year.  If you visit our Facebook page you will, you have probably seen all the photogenic pets exercising in the hydrotherapy treadmill or balancing on their exercise balls. 

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