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Routine Spaying and Neutering: Cats

Why should I spay or neuter my cat?

Careless attention to spaying and neutering cats contributes to feral cat colonies and 1000’s of unwanted kittens in shelters: thus, population control is one of the main reasons for spaying and neutering your cat. Cats also have some healthy behaviours that humans don’t enjoy, like urine spraying, which are reduced by spaying and neutering. Female cats in heat yowl, writhe and leave small puddles of urine as attractants for males. They can also go in and out of heat every few weeks through the spring and summer. This behaviour is eliminated with a spay.

What long-term health consequences might result from spaying or neuter my cat?

Unlike dogs, very little research has been done on the relationship of spaying and neutering to long-term health conditions of cats. Spayed and neutered cats live many years longer than intact felines, so the longevity benefit you and your cat will outweigh any theoretical concerns about hormone losses.

What is a cat spay?

A cat spay is also called an ovariohysterectomy. The ovaries and the uterus are removed.

What is a cat neuter?

A cat neuter is a castrated which involves making two small incisions in the scrotum through which the testicles are removed.


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