What is a microchip?

A microchip is a small device implanted beneath the skin of your pet that can be scanned for identification if your pet is lost.

Is a microchip dangerous to my dog or cat?

The risk of a problem occurring because of microchipping is very small. The most common problem is the chip migrating from the injection site between the shoulders to the sides of the chest. There have been two reported cases where a tumour was associated with a microchip; however, there were other factors, for instance, rabies injections in the same area and direct link from the chip to a tumour could not be proven. Many pets have been returned to their owners because of chips. At Full Circle, we have been able to return three animals…multiply that across 1000’s of practices across the world to get a picture of the usefulness of microchipping!

What are the benefits of having a microchip?

The benefits of having a microchip are having a beloved lost or stolen pet returned to you.

When is a microchip usually implanted?

At Full Circle, we prefer to insert microchips at the time of a spay or neuter as the needles are more significant than those used for routine vaccinations. A topical anesthetic agent can also be applied to the skin of an animal to reduce the sensation of the injection. Microchips are typically implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades.


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