Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives is a referral based veterinary practice dedicated to Animal Rehabilitation, Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Animal Chiropractic. Diagnostics and conventional treatments are required through the patient's conventional practice prior to referral. Any ongoing diagnostics and medication prescriptions and refills will be performed by the referring conventional veterinarian. Our focus is on our unique modalities and supportive patient care.

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Laboratory Services

What routine laboratory services does Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives offer dogs and cats?

Routine blood testing can identify some medical conditions for dogs and cats before clinical signs appear. Once a patient has a chronic issue, ongoing monitoring is often needed. While your conventional practice will fulfill much of this for your pet, Full Circle also provides a complete range of in-house laboratory services including biochemistry, titre tests, complete blood counts, basic skin cytology, urinalysis, and fecal testing. Some of our unique tests, like Vitamin D or Rabies titers, are submitted to outside laboratories. Results of any tests we perform are shared with your primary conventional veterinarian.

Why is Vitamin D Testing important?

Vitamin D testing is an excellent screening test to start when your dog or cat reaches middle age (5-7 years of age). Vitamin D impacts many bodily systems, and low levels are associated with an increased risk of inflammation and cancer. Adequate D levels improve patients with allergic skin disease, inflammatory bowel disease and slow chronic kidney disease. Testing allows us to select the appropriate dose and, over time, evaluate our effectiveness at normalizing inadequate values.

What Titer Testing Services do you offer?

Vaccination or exposure to disease causes measurable levels of antibodies to form, and these are circulated in the bloodstream. Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives regularly performs in-house titer testing for dogs. We can assess antibody levels for Parvovirus, Adenovirus and Canine Distemper virus, which are the common components in the core vaccination protocol for puppies. Testing informs us of your pet’s level of protection and may prove that this core vaccine can be delayed for one to three years past the manufacturer’s reported duration of immunity. This helps you reduce unnecessary vaccination of your pets while keeping them safe and protected from disease.

Rabies titers, not valid for export, can also be run if you wish to demonstrate that your pet has protective immunity for more than the three-year duration of immunity claimed by most vaccine companies. We send Rabies titers to Kansas State University as part of a program that supports members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.


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