Does Full Circle treat hospitalized animals?

When your pet is ill, hospitalization is sometimes required while intravenous fluids or therapies are administered, or special tests are completed. At Full Circle, we are able to provide care for hospitalized cats in our dog free cat ward. Dogs can be hospitalized in our kennel wing. Each ward has its own treatment area.

Will hospitalized patients be fed their own home prepared or raw diets?

Patients that are in a hospital can feed their own home prepared cooked diet. Generally, we prefer feeding the commercial pressure pasteurized diets like Instinct or Primal if a raw fed animal is hospitalized. This reduces the chances of introducing unwanted bacterial organisms into our clinic.

Will hospitalized patients be treated with herbal medicines?

Many hospitalized patients need both western and herbal medicines to make good recoveries. Each doctor sets the treatment plan for the patient and will discuss treatment options with you.


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