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Blood Tests for Dogs and Cats

Why are routine blood tests for dogs important?

Routine blood work can identify some conditions before clinical symptoms appear. We can then work together to minimize the impact of the problem on your dog. Vitamin D testing is an excellent test to when your dog is middle aged. Low Vitamin D levels have been associated with chronic illness and cancer. If we see low levels, your dog can take the proper supplement to raise the standards. Early kidney disease and mild liver dysfunctions can be detected in blood work. At Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives, we have many excellent herbals and nutritional treatments to help your dog respond to these issues.

What’s the importance of routine blood tests for cats?

As cats age, they often have problems with kidney function and overactive thyroids. Doing routine blood screening helps us identify trends and intervene quickly if these problems are developing. Vitamin D testing can be done for cats to determine appropriate supplementation to prevent chronic illness. Blood tests also help us decide if a surgical patient has inapparent problems that may impact anesthesia.”

Why are routine blood tests for dogs important?

Pre-surgical blood work is performed for any patient undergoing sedation or anesthesia. This ensures that the kidney and liver can process anesthetic drugs. As dog’s age, they are at risk for developing diseases like Cushing’s, kidney failure and other metabolic issues. If these are caught early, a patient may have a longer and higher quality of life.

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