Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives is a referral based veterinary practice dedicated to Animal Rehabilitation, Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Animal Chiropractic. Diagnostics and conventional treatments are required through the patient's conventional practice prior to referral. Any ongoing diagnostics and medication prescriptions and refills will be performed by the referring conventional veterinarian. Our focus is on our unique modalities and supportive patient care.


Full Circle Year in Review

As we approach the first anniversary of Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives joining the Vet Strategy owned Pet Focus group, we reflect on this wonderful, challenging and rewarding year.  If you visit our Facebook page you will, you have probably seen all the photogenic pets exercising in the hydrotherapy treadmill or balancing on their exercise balls. 

The benefits of putting the trained rehabilitation technician, Kim with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Bishop (the local certified rehabilitation veterinarians) has enabled many more animals to benefit from techniques like hydrotherapy, LASER, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.

Less obvious changes have occurred in our holisitic medicine practice.  Contrary to rumour, DR. BISHOP IS NOT RETIRING anytime soon, instead, she is focusing on helping as many animals with problems that are significantly helped or cured by nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and other non-conventional therapies. As well, Dr. Bishop is spending some time teaching other veterinarians within the broader Pet Focus group how to access our services and to utilize some therapies on their own.  For instance, Dr. Rick from PetWorks now routinely uses a hemostatic herb formula called San Qi to reduce bleeding in TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Operation) surgeries.

To facilitate expanding Dr. Bishop’s availability to clients and to the wider community, Full Circle has teamed with the excellent surgeons at Pet Focus to perform our client’s surgeries. The only procedures that were done differently at Full Circle were ovary-sparing spays and vasectomies which can now be done at PetWorks following a consultation with Dr. Bishop.  We have also added two other veterinarians, Dr. Teigan Bond and Dr. Jordan Mencher to our team.  Their job is to see routine preventative care appointments and any suddenly ill patients that need diagnostic workups and stabilizing treatment plans, in advance of adding in integrative therapies.  They are learning quickly and have a pretty good grasp of reduced vaccination protocols, titer testing, and encouraging real food feeding.  They are also quick to ask Dr. Fisher and Dr. Bishop about supportive options for their patients or to refer internally for holistic treatments after appropriate diagnostics have been performed.

We added a new technician, Ben and Heather continue to deal with nutritional analysis as well as her technician duties.  Jenna joined us as a veterinary assistant soon after we moved in the spring and is often found in appointments with Dr. Bishop and helping check patients in and out.  The entire team of veterinarians and support staff are currently doing an introductory course on holistic medicine so that we can provide you with a consistent focus on integrated holistic veterinary care.

We wish you all the best over the holidays and look forward to growing and bettering ourselves in the pursuit of holistic care for your beloved family members.

Written by Dr. Jennifer Bishop

Full Circle Care Team


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