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Enjoying the Holidays with Pets

The Holiday Season is upon us which usually means that everyone is too busy and that the kids are too excited!!  I hope you and yours, including all your furry friends are happy and healthy throughout this festive time.

Here are my top ten tips for pet owners this Holiday Season:

  1. DO– make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date if you are travelling or if they are going to be boarded.  Most cat facilities require they be up to date on their FVRCP vaccine and most dog facilities require that they be up to date on their Bordetella vaccine.  Some kennels require that their Parvo and Distemper virus vaccine be up to date, but many will accept a protective Titre test for these viruses. You pet’s rabies vaccine must be up to date if they are travelling to the US.
  2. DO– make sure that you have enough of your pet’s food to last you through to the end of the holidays.  Many vet clinics and pet stores will be closed over the holidays and if you run out of food and have to abruptly change to another brand your pet may get diarrhea.
  3. DO– make sure that your Christmas tree is well secured.  Cats love to climb in the trees and dogs will often jump up on them or run under them and send them toppling.
  4. DO NOT– put tinsel on the tree.  Pets love to play with it and if swallowed it can become a linear foreign body that can block their intestinal tract by causing it to bunch up like an accordion.  If this happens they will require emergency surgery!  Ribbon on presents can cause the same problem, so be cautious with the presents under the tree.
  5. DO NOT–place breakable ornaments on the bottom branches of the tree.  Cats will bat at them and dogs may pick them off and chew on them.
  6. DO NOT– get a Poinsetta if your pets chew on plants, it can cause irritation to their mouth and stomach and sometimes even vomiting.
  7. DO NOT–have candles out on coffee tables or end tables where dogs can knock them over or cats can walk past and singe their fur.
  8. DO NOT—have chocolate out where pets can get to it.  Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, and dark chocolate is the most toxic.
  9. DO NOT – overfeed your pets or give them fatty foods.  Fatty foods are a leading cause of pancreatitis in pets and this disease can be very dangerous.
  10. 10.  DO—remember to play with your pets and get the dogs outside for some fresh air.  I know you’re busy—but it will be fun for the whole family!!!


Happy Holidays!

Dr. Janis M. Fisher, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CAC

Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives




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