Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives offers a full range of diagnostic imaging: including digital radiography and ultrasound, in co-operation with our upstairs neighbours in the Petworks Animal Hospital.  Typical blood work analysis, urinalysis and fecal analysis are provided by our technicians.

As a holistic practice, we are interested in expanding our diagnostic capabilities in new ways. For instance, we offer Vitamin D testing to help identify and treat low levels associated with allergic skin disease, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic kidney disease and developing cancers.

We offer in-house titer testing for distemper, parvo and adenovirus for dogs.   We send samples to Kansas State University for Rabies titers.  Feline titers are currently sent to outside diagnostic laboratories.

I took a foster dog there for treatment and they are awesome!!

Sandra Cox

I've been taking my cats to Full Circle for well over a decade, I have never been disappointed with the…

Bronwen Trim-macdonald

So nice to find a vet that genuinely cares about my dogs overall well being rather than over vaccinating or…

Stephanie Hayes

Great vet for rehab and sports dogs. Our dogs love Full Circle

Trevor Gallant

After a visit today for Blondie,a 13 year old malti/poddle,with Dr Fisher,I want to comment on this fine person and…

Barrie Macfarlane


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