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Carrots for your Dogs

Most dogs love carrots. They enjoy the crunch and chewiness of a raw carrot and the taste of cooked carrots especially if flavoured with a little butter. Carrots are also nutritious; although to make the most of the nutrients breaking down the cell walls by fine chopping or light steaming is needed.

Carrots contain Vitamin A, biotin, vitamin K, molybendum, several B vitamins, vitamin E and C. Carotenoids, which are the plant molecules that impart the orange colour to the carrots are a very important component of carrot nutrition. Animals cannot make these molecules and must get them from their food. Carotenoids promote eye health and have a cancer preventative effect.

For those of you feeding ketogenic or, low carb raw diets carrots are still a great choice. They got a bad rap years ago when they were labelled high glycemic. This finding has been debunked many times over and current measurements suggest that even cooked, a carrot has a glycemic index of 39. The fibre content in carrots is also high which is great for feeding the healthy organisms living in the gut and lowering the net carbs. Carrots actually have relatively low net carbs: about 4g for a medium carrot.

Nova Scotian farmers grow fantastic carrots. So the next time you visit a local produce supplier pick up some carrots and share them with your canine friends. You will both reap the benefits of this simple, plentiful and delicious food.

Written by Full Circle Veterinary Alt. 


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