An amazing trip to the 2016 AHVMA Conference

On Friday, Sept 9, Dr. Bishop, myself and one of our technicians, Heather Trimm, embarked on an adventure.  We left for Columbus, Ohio to attend the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association’s 2016 Conference.   I’ve always wanted to go, but with going to rehab conferences, acupuncture conferences and getting my chiropractic certification, I’ve just never had the opportunity.  So in July, when Dr. Bishop sent a text asking if I wanted to go, I quickly pulled my entry from the Agility trial on the weekend and replied enthusiastically that I wouldn’t miss it!

And the conference didn’t disappoint.  It’s actually the best conference I have ever attended.  In every lecture I learned some type of “pearl of wisdom” that I can immediately incorporate into my daily practice to the benefit of all my patients.

But why was this conference so special?  Well, each day one of the organizers of the conference came into the 1st lecture and asked that we take a few moments to meditate before we started the day.  At my 1st lecture the veterinarian leading us made her Buddhist Singing bowl sing while we meditated.  It was a lovely way to get centered to start a long day of intensive learning.

IMG_2713Then there are the amazing Veterinarians that were lecturing.  These veterinarians hold themselves (and the rest of us) up to some of the highest standards I have ever been encouraged to reach.  Whether it was Dr. Karen Becker telling us that is our responsibility to know enough about nutrition to not just say “Yeah, that diet looks ok” when we don’t really know if it is completely balanced in all vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids or Dr. Pedro Rivera insisting that we must fully understand the exact nervous pathways we are influencing when treating our patients, these mentors inspire and insist that we do our very best for our patients.  The holistic community is often criticized for not being scientific enough, or for practicing a lower level of medicine.  But let me tell you, these veterinarians understand know more about physiology, neurology, orthopedics, endocrinology, nutrition, than most of the Western veterinarians I know.   And they expect us to learn it, know it, love it, live it, so we always practice at the highest level for our patients.

Building Optimum Raw Food diets
Building Optimum Raw Food diets

Dr Xie has changed the way I will look at electro acupuncture for my IVDD and DM patients.  Dr. Karen Becker and Steve Brown have inspired me to encourage more whole food feeding and have given me the tools to recognize when my client’s home-prepared diets may be deficient and what nutrients may be missing from their pet’s diet based on the ingredients they are using.  Dr. Laurie McCauley has taught me new ways to help strengthen cervical disk dogs. Dr. Pedro Rivera has inspired me to use my knowledge of muscle spindle cells, GTO’s (Goligi tendon organ) and the neurologic pathways to better diagnose and treat my patients.

The scientific knowledge offered at the conference was astounding, the passion for patients inspiring, the dedication to continual learning infectious. At this conference, Dr. Bishop and I were truly surrounded by our “peers”.  I love what I do, and I am privileged that you allow me to help your four-legged (well mostly, I am a rehab vet after all) family members.

I can’t wait to apply my new knowledge to improving the health and well being of your pets!

Dr. Janis Fisher, DVM

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

Certified in Animal Chiropractic.


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