Adult Pet Care

  • Yearly physical examinations
  • Vaccination program
  • Dental care programs
  • Ongoing parasite control programs
  • Chinese medicine evaluation
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Diagnostic testing

As your puppy or kitten matures to adulthood, our focus in healthcare will also shift to supporting your friend to have many years of trouble free living!

A yearly physical examination is similar to you visiting a physician every 5 years. This important exam keeps us all on top of any subtle changes in your pet’s well being.

Vaccination Program

Adult booster vaccinations are needed on a variable schedule depending on whether the disease is viral or bacterial in origin. Viral disease vaccinations typically provide 3 or more years of protection while bacterial vaccinations require yearly boosting. Antibody tests called titer tests can be run for certain vaccinations in order to determine the need for re-vaccination.

Dental Care

Dental health is one of the most common issues of adult dogs and cats. Oral bacteria can spread through the body and injure other organs and oral pain can diminish your pets enjoyment of life.

More than 50% of animals have some degree of dental disease as adults. Regular check-ups will identify problems and allow us to suggest techniques such as tooth brushing, oral rinses or natural ingredient water additives like Healthy Mouth™ to effectively reduce plaque build-up.

Parasite Control

Adults should be dewormed at least four times a year. We have herbal products and conventional dewormers. We will review your deworming protocol and make suggestions for the protection needed when traveling outside of Nova Scotia. We carry a number of products for flea and tick control as well.

Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional needs change as an animal enters adulthood. The caloric needs are typically much less and the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the diet also change with maturity.

If your pet has any medical problems, unique diets may be needed. You may also wish to change your feeding type i.e. move from commercial to a raw food diet and need support. We are familiar with a wide range of feeding programs. We have nutritional software to evaluate home prepared raw or cooked diets for nutritional adequacy.  We will assist you in an optimum approach for your friend.

Behavioural Modification Training

Training is not just for the young. Many behavioural problems are easily corrected by resuming training and keeping your pet’s mind engaged. Dogs often love to work and learn new tricks.

Elder Pet Care 

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Barrie Macfarlane

Very knowledgeable and warm staff.

Lisa Wright


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