Molly Nelson

Veterinary Assistant

Molly is a Veterinary Technician student working as a Veterinary Assistant here at Full Circle; where she helps with front desk work and assists one of our Veterinarians, Dr. Bishop by sitting in on her appointments distributing lots of scratches and treats to Dr. Bishop's patients during appointments. Molly is taking the place of one of our other employees while she is on maturity leave.

Molly has come to us from the SPCA after three years of working as an animal care assistant. And previous to that she has put in a lot of hours volunteering and fostering any animals in need.

"I have always had such a strong love for helping animals in need. It is so satisfying to help an animal that came from nothing and give them the love and care they deserve."

She has always had a huge love for animals, and a major passion when it came to caring for them. Alternative medicine has always been first choice health care for herself along with all of her animals. Being able to get a job here at Full Circle Vet has been very exciting and an excellent opportunity to expand her knowledge of holistic and alternative care.

When she isn't enjoying her shifts here at Full Circle, she spends most of her extra time caring for her horse Magic. Horse's are one of Molly's biggest passions and has been ever since she was barely able to talk. She has been horseback riding for over 16 years now and continues to love every minute of it.


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