Dr. Jennifer Bishop B.A, M.A., D.V.M, CCRT


Dr. Bishop’s passion for animals and animal biology began in childhood: her family home always had a number of four-legged friends. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils were not just pets, but also family members.

Because of her lifelong love of animals, veterinary medicine is Dr. Bishop’s natural calling. Her early post-secondary education in anthropology and archaeology was instrumental in her formative development and interest in anatomy and biomechanics, as well as the dynamic interrelationships between humans and animals.

As a veterinary student and as a practitioner, she discovered that textbook solutions to complex medical and physical problems did not always give completely satisfactory results and she became interested in complementary and alternative medicine treatments. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Bishop has integrated many successful herbal, physical rehabilitative techniques and nutritional strategies into her conventional practice to provide your pets with unique, broadly sweeping treatment options.

Dr. Bishop remains active in continuing education programs for conventional veterinary medicine – she takes pride in upgrading alternative modalities and maintaining certification status in her various fields of interest. which include Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, whole food nutrition and Bowtech ™.

In addition, to her veterinary career, Dr. Bishop enjoys singing with a women’s acapella choir, gardening, and exploring her artistic side by drawing and watercolour painting. In our too short summers, she enjoys sailing, swimming and canoeing.

Currently, Dr. Bishop’s furry family includes a big family of Maine Coon cats. Smokey Joe and Elijah are the parents of Blaze and Pepita. Goliath, the senior family member is an uncle to Elijah and her brood. Dr. Bishop also cares for a beautiful Bearded Dragon named Red who came through Safe Haven Reptile Rescue and frequently dog sits a Doodle mix named Hunter.

Extremely professional. I will only bring my pets here because the care they receive is second to none!

Derek Wilson

Staff are great with working with your four legged friends

Phil Love

I took a foster dog there for treatment and they are awesome!!

Sandra Cox

I've been taking my cats to Full Circle for well over a decade, I have never been disappointed with the…

Bronwen Trim-macdonald

So nice to find a vet that genuinely cares about my dogs overall well being rather than over vaccinating or…

Stephanie Hayes


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